Tuesday, March 10, 2009

President Eyring, "Hearts Knit Together as One"

Here are family home evening ideas from President Eyring's talk, "Hearts Knit Together in Love" from the October 2008 General Conference.

Discuss Mosiah 18:21 and then do the following activity: Have family sit in a circle. Give each family member a 12″ length of string or yarn. Taking turns having each family member tell something nice about the person to his left. As each person does this, he ties his string to that family member so that strings are finally “knit together in unity and love.”

You can also role play scenarios where family unity is needed and ask the children, “What would you do? ” Have children role play what they would do.

Then play bingo with the bingo cards. Discuss ways you can follow the suggestions on the bingo cards to help your family have more unity. Serve heart cookies for FHE treat.

A different version of the bingo card is needed for each family member. Click here for 6 different versions of it you can print off. To print them off, click on the down arrow next to the word, "More." "Print" is one of the options. Or you can borrow mine that are already mounted on card stock and laminated.

Here are other ideas to use from his talk.

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