Friday, May 1, 2009

Family Home Evening Idea from Elder Gary E. Stenenon's talk on Sacred Homes Holy Temples

Either read Elder Stevenen's talk or listen to it to know the points you want to bring out to your family. Here are some additional thoughts and resources.

1. Tell about the experience Elder Stevenson told, "You are never lost when you can see the temple." His story took place in Cache Valley. Drive around Logan and have children look for the temple and see if they know where they are by spotting the temple. Sing I love to see the temple. You can end your drive by stopping at the temple. On a day that the temple is open, you can take children to the temple to "touch the temple" as Elder Stevenson suggested. You can also take pictures of family on one of the benches near the temple with the temple in the background. Display the picture in the home to remind family members to treat the home and each other as a Holy place like the temple.

2. Younger children can use play tools as they sing, "My Eternal Family." This song can be found in the Children's Sacrement Meeting Program. You can also see it in American Sign Language or just listen to the tune. There is also a sharing time presentation on building a house of God.

3. Take a virtual tour of your home using the words Elder Stevenson used. Have a family member read as everyone takes the tour with their eyes closed. Ask whether the home needs an extreme home makeover or just simple home improvements.

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