Monday, March 29, 2010

General Conference Activities for Children

The Church's website,, has a special section on the home page under "General Conference" called, activities for children, where you can download a booklet for children to use in writing notes while listening to conference. There is also a coloring page, and a bingo game called, conference squares.

In addition, a Friend magazine from April 1996 had a fun conference activity that I updated. The picture to the left shows what it looks like when it is constructed. The 12 Apostles can be cut out and taped onto the seats of general conference. As each speaker comes up to speak, children can place the correct picture at the pulpit. When the talk is over, the child can seat the apostle in his correct chair. I have a couple of extra laminated ones someone could borrow. This page can be printed and mounted on heavy paper and laminated, or just copied and cut out and used as is. This is from the Friend April 1996. I just put current photos on top of the old photos. Only cut out the photos with pink names underneath.

I also made flash cards for children to use to memorize the general authorities while they watch conference. Print off the front page and then print the names on the back side with this page. There is also a picture of a "Conference Reverence Tent" on the inside cover of the Friend Magazine this month (April 2010).

For Family Home Evening you could have each family member report on the things they learned and what areas they resolve to do better in during the next 6 months. It is a fun idea to have everyone save their notes from conference and resolves they made so they can pull them out for next general conference to see how well they did.

I made updates for October general conference 2010 with more ideas and pictures.

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