Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plan a Family Home Evening on Service

One of the Young Women Personal Progress Goals under "Good Works" is #4, "Teach a Lesson about Service in family home evening or in another setting. Use pictures, music, examples, or demonstrations in your lesson. You may want to use the manual Teaching No Greater Call as a resource." Here are some ideas for YW to accomplish that goal.

I created some helps. Just cick on the highlighted words in this post. Click here to see a booklet I created from the Family Home Evening manual. You can adapt an idea from President Packer on "How to Present Service to Others." Here are some good quotes on service. And here are more quotes.

The topic of Service has many ways to go about teaching it. You can focus the lesson on Good works, kindness, or loving everyone including your enemies. There are several ways the lesson of the Good Samaritan can fit in with the topic of service. You may want to show a video on service from the DVD, In the Service of your God. In that DVD is a 10 minute movie called Ye Have Done it Unto Me. There is also a 2 1/2 minute talk on humanitarian service on You Tube. I also like the scripture Mosiah 2:17 put to song. To use the Teaching No Greater Call manual, you may want to do the activity President Packer used on a group of missionaries. See p.222 for the story or click here. Instead of writing "The Gospel" on the cake, write the word "Service." Emphasize to family members that the way you present the service to others will determine how it is received. It should be presented with kindness and love, and not grudgingly or in a way that might embarrass the recipient.

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